VIP Premier financial services is an online financing platform for independent casino financiers operating in various casino hotspots in Macau China, Genting Highlands Malaysia, and Entertainment City Philippines. We are under the strict supervision of Macau Online Financial Board (MOFB), the gaming agency in charge of monitoring and controlling independent casino financiers operating within the special administrative region of Macau.


VIP Premier financial services is a proud financial arm of Hung Sands limited of Macau with dozens of financed and invested casinos worldwide including casino tournament and event.

Why in Macao

World class destination for high roller casino players.

Key People

The best team in the industry.

Our Organization

Level up your VIP membership status.


Cash Borrower at 2% - 5%
with Collateral Daily


Buy 100,000,000 E-coins
Worth 2 million US Dollars


Buy 100,000 E-coins
Worth 2 thousand US Dollars


Buy 1,000 E-coins
Worth 20 US Dollars

The Industry Players

The best market for Casino Financing.

VIP Services

Industry Leading Online Casino Financing.

CASINO Financing

Casino gamers are on the rise. VIP Premier financing cater the needs of the rising leizure and gaming industry players.


Cars , house and lot are the main collateral in the casino house financing program. VIP Premier financing services venture also in this very promising industry.


The booming casino houses globally offers a great opportunity to buy shares. VIP premier invested dozens of gaming houses sprouted in key gaming areas globally.

GAME HOUSE Franchising

Leizure and gaming now a days evolve into a global trend of digitally empowered online casino experience. With the rising of e-Bingo and e-Lottery, it will open another business trend.


Maximize your options and earn big.


Earn up to 25% weekly in 6 weeks by selecting the VAULT-IN option. VAULT-IN allows your capital to finance qualified players with collateral.


Earn 200% instantly by participating in a PLAY button option. PLAY button option allows your capital to play in a pool of players and earn luckily.


Earn an additional 2.5% in every transacted E-coins and another 2.5% on E-coins encashment or cash out from micro financiers.


Earn an additional 5% in every direct transacted E-coins and earn another 0.005% from 2nd to 10th level of your group transacted E-coins.

Promotional Corner

Lot of surprises awaits to all active VIPs.

To make our financing platform more effecient and productive, the VIP core planning team adapted these new promotional adjustment and production incentives to qualified VIP financing bankers only.

1. The number of qualified financing bankers operating per casino gaming hot spot is limited to 25 bankers only. All Micro financiers (MF) or active VIPs are qualified to be a banker if the following conditions are met:

a.) A Banker should be an active VIP member able to build and manage a group.

b.) A banker should have a technical knowledge on digital transactions such as offline, online banking, digital money transactions and platform to platform offline online transactions.

C.) Lastly, an applying banker should have atleast 1 bank accounts , should also have at least 1 digital wallet preferrably BTC wallet.

2. Qualified bankers will be formed into a team composed of 25 financing bankers with selected team leader/s.

3. VIP Premier will tag the first created team per casino area as team 1 consist of 25 financing bankers. Next batch is team 2, team 3 and so on.

4. VIP Premier will provide an online production monitoring module to each team under the extreme care of assigned team leader/s. The online monitoring module is like a corpo account owned by 25 financing bankers where each of them can monitor individual production including the team incentives cummulative earnings. VIP premier will notify and send directly the module access code to team assigned leader via email.

5. VIP Premier set an official incentives category and incentives computation per team of bankers as follows:

a.) Cash Pool Incentives - the team will earn 5% cash incentives every 1,000 approved ordered e-coins submitted by all bankers within the team as reflected in the online monitoring module. Cash incentives can be withdrawn Monday via special request button found at the module entrusted to the assigned team leader. The team leader is also responsible for distributing the incentives as agreed by the team.

b.) Car pool Incentives - the team will earn another 5% cash incentives every 1,000 approved ordered e-coins submitted by all bankers within the team as reflected in the online monitoring module.

6. Car pool incentives will be given to the bankers within the team in the following distribution system:

a.) 10 million personal approved e-coins, you will be given a fully paid slightly used Sedan of any brand, except those cars categorized as luxury.

b.) if you don't claim option A, just add another 10 million approved e-coins and you will be awarded with a brand new fully paid SUVs of any brand, except luxury cars.

These promotional and incentives announcement will be implemented on Monday July 08, 2019.

You may start creating your team now and enjoy the benefits of being VIPs.

Best Wishes and Regards,

VIP Premier Team

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